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Agoura Bible Fellowship provides excellent study/fellowship programs for women. Some women have enthusiastically attended some of these ABF studies for decades. All study sessions meet either in The Well or Conference Room.
Monday Evening

 Monday Evening Bible Study

  - The Fall 2017 semester began September 25
  - Intimacy with Jesus, a Study through the Book of Luke
  - Semester led by Wendy Caskey
  - ABF in The Well
  - 6:30PM to 8:30PM on Monday Evenings
After a busy weekend, why not spend Monday evenings learning more about the Bible, and fellowship with friends?

Monday Evening Leadership

 Wendy Caskey
Intimacy with Jesus
a Study through the Book of Luke

Tuesday Morning

 Tuesday Bible Study

  - The Fall 2017 semester began September 12
  - Transformed: The Miracle of Life Change   by Chip Ingram
  - Semester led by Laura Spach
  - ABF in The Well
  - 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM on Tuesdays
For many years this Tuesday study group has had wonderful fellowship together and a meaningful, relevant study.

Tuesday Morning Leadership

Laura Spach
Is Life Change Really Possible?

If we're honest most of us would answer, 'No.' That's because most of us have tried numerous programs that promise big changes, but in reality, deliver very little results. You long for transformation, but don't know where to begin.

There's good news for you and there is hope! Life change is possible! You were made to grow, to change, and to experience intimacy and adventure.

In this series, you will learn how life change can happen to you. Join Chip Ingram as he helps you to identify the barriers that have held you back from receiving God's best and then break out of a destructive lifestyle and become the person you've longed to be. This series is designed to help move you from the frustration of failure to the freedom you have in Christ.

Wednesday Morning

 Moms Nurturing Moms

Moms Nurturing Moms discusses relevant topics on biblical parenting, healthy marriage and dependence on Jesus. We discuss the book in a round table discussion format that is followed by prayer time. We spend two hours sharing, encouraging, supporting and praying with other moms who are experiencing the same joys and struggles of parenting.

  - Book study concluded on November 15
  - The Ministry of Motherhood  by Sally Clarkson
  - Semester led by Terry Barnes
  - ABF in The Well
  - 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  - EVERY Wednesday
This group is designed for moms of babies to teenage children. This ministry connects these moms with other moms giving them a place of support and equipping them with tools for biblical parenting.

Childcare cost is $50.00 for the 10-week semester, with scholarships available.

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Wednesday MnM Leadership

Terry Barnes

Because Motherhood Isn’t Just a Job. It’s a Calling.

The Ministry of Motherhood

A mother’s day is packed with a multitude of tasks that require energy and time: preparing meals, washing clothes, straightening and cleaning the house, and caring for children. These jobs all are necessary and crucially important. But in the dailyness of providing for a child’ s physical, emotional, and social needs, vital opportunities for spiritual nurture and training can be overlooked. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can focus your energy on what matters most.

Learn how you can:
• Make Life’s Mundane and Nitty-Gritty Moments Work for You and Not Against You.
• Discover Ways to Make Character-Building a Natural Part of Live.
• Teach Your Child in the Same Way Jesus Taught the Disciples.
• Pass on Crucial Gifts that Will Serve Your Family for a Lifetime.

Using biblical wisdom and practical teachings, Sally Clarkson shows how you can make a lasting difference in your child’s life by following the pattern Christ set with his own disciples–a model that will inspire and equip you to intentionally embrace the rewarding, desperately needed, and immeasurably valuable Ministry of Motherhood.

Thursday Morning

 Precept Bible Study

Precept Upon Precept is a Precept Inductive Bible Study which features the Precept Inductive Bible Study Method. Discover Truth for Yourself. Precepts are rules, doctrines, truths, commandments.

  - The Fall 2017 semester  began September 14  
  - Fall Semester led by MaryAnne Miller
  - ABF in The Well
  - 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM on Thursday mornings
Study Schedule
September 14, 2017
Winter 2017
Spring 2018
1 Corinthians   
2 Corinthians
Led by MaryAnne Miller  
If you are passionate about studying God's Word and interacting with other women who desire the same, this is the perfect group for you. We always have an amazing year planned as we explore and learn from these interactive studies.

This is the ideal next step for growing in your walk with Christ and connecting with other women at ABF.
Thursday Morning Leadership

Anita Stewart
MaryAnne Miller
Wendy Winningham

1 Corinthians
Overcoming Divisions and Difficulties in the Body of Christ
Precept Workbook (NASB) (12 lessons)

Why are there so many divisions in the church? Why does the church sometimes tolerate sin? Are you experiencing any of the same problems that the Corinthians did in your own relationships or in your church? If you have similar questions, this study is an important resource. Learn how to pray by knowing God's mind and will on divisions. What does God say about marriage, divorce, remarriage? Tongues? Prophecy? Giving? Paul addresses these issues raised by Corinthian believers.

Thursday Evening

 Thursday Evening Community Support Group

  - The Fall 2017 semester  began September 21  
  - Fall Semester led by Laura Bender
  - ABF Conference Room
  - 6:45 PM to 8:15 PM on Thursday evenings

This women's community support group meets on Thursday evenings at 6:45 PM until 8:15 PM. The ladies work through the book, “Breakthrough Betrayal: Healing from Marital Broken Trust”. This deeply personal class offers women hope and healing from the devastating effects of a husband’s sexual betrayal. Utilizing God’s Word and Holy Spirit as a guide, women are provided a safe and supportive group to share their experiences, and curriculum to help move beyond the pain.

Women cover topics such as:
    understanding pornography and the brain,
    creating healthy boundaries,
    forgiveness and so much more.

Questions? Email Laura Bender: benderlaura05@gmail.com
Thursday Evening Leadership

Laura Bender