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In addition to this webpage, ABF publishes a monthly ABF Missions Prayer Newsletter. Take one from the Missions display board at the rear of the Worship Center (south side) each month.

Special Prayer for Russia/Italy Mission Trip

March 19, 2017
Associate Pastor John Erwin led a special prayer for Jim and Barbara Liljegren, and the rest of the Missions Team. Update by Jim. (02:49)

Missionary Cip Visits ABF

February 26, 2017
Associate Pastor John Erwin welcomed, interviewed and prayed for Missionary Cip Sarivan from Moldova.

Global Missions Sunday

October 2, 2016
Associate Pastor John Erwin led a special global missions emphasis which included a missions sermon. The program consisted of the Jim & Barbara Liljegren Report, the YUGO Team Report, and Pastor John's message, "The Unfinished Task...Reaching the World for Christ".
   Complete Global Missions Program (01:07:30)
   Jim and Barbara Liljegren's Moldova and Italy Missions Report (05:27)
   YUGO Team Report, moderated by Associate Pastor John Erwin (16:30)
   Global Missions Sunday Message by Associate Pastor John Erwin (42:07)

Jim and Barbara Liljegren Prepare for Moldova and Italy Trip

August 14, 2016
Senior Pastor Scott Kegel prayed for Jim and Barbara Liljegren during the Sunday Worship Service as they prepared to leave for Moldova and Italy on August 21st. See 10/2/16 report, above.

   Prayer and comments by Senior Pastor Scott Kegel

Jeremy and Andrea Ireland Visit ABF

July 17, 2016
Missionaries Jeremy and Andrea Ireland visited ABF in both services. Senior Pastor Scott Kegel introduced and prayed for them. Jeremy and Andrea also gave a presentation in The Well following the second service telling of their experiences in Ethiopia. Watch video below.

ABF Yugo Mission Trip Team Dedication

July 3, 2016
YUGO Team Introduction and prayer by Associate Pastor John Erwin during the Sunday services. 40 people left on Saturday, July 9th. Plans included house building, sports ministry and two VBS programs. See 10/2/16 report, above.

Tim and Ceci Ramsey Visit ABF

June 26, 2016
Tim and Ceci Ramsey visited ABF in both services. Interview and prayer by Associate Pastor John Erwin.

Ceci Ramsey Visits ABF

May 15, 2016
During both Sunday services, Associate Pastor John Erwin interviewed and prayed for (Tim and) Ceci Ramsey.

   Comments by Ceci Ramsey; Prayer and comments by Associate Pastor John Erwin

Nathan & Abby Depart for Asia Pacific

April 17, 2016
During both Sunday services, the church had special prayer as Nathan & Abby said farewell to ABF for another term in Asia Pacific.
   Prayer & Comments by Senior Pastor Scott Kegel

Nathan & Abby Asia Pacific Missionary Report

March 20, 2016
Nathan & Abby gave a full report in The Well during both Sunday services.

Missionary Cip Visits ABF

January 16, 17 & 19, 2016
Associate Pastor John Erwin interviews Missionary Cip Sarivan in this video during the Sunday Worship Services and concludes with prayer. Cip also ministered to children and others on Saturday at his Tae Kwon Do event and on Tuesday at AWANA.


Nathan, Abby and Noah Welcome Shem

November 11, 2015
 November 11, 2015
 22 inches, 9 pounds

Nathan, Abby and Noah Visit ABF

August 23, 2015
Associate Pastor John Erwin welcomed Nathan and Abby in the first ABF worship service, and Noah joined them in the second.

Photo by Carolyn Brookman

Hal and Cecilie Hays Visit ABF

May 24, 2015
Associate Pastor John Erwin welcomed Hal and Cecilie Hays (Encouragement International). They attended both services.

Missionaries Tacheeni and Deb Scott Visit ABF AWANA

Every May on Missions Night
Tacheeni and Deb Scott visited the Tuesday AWANA Missions Night. The children thoroughly enjoyed the hot Navajo Fry Bread and presentations. The Scotts visit ABF AWANA each Spring and are former members of ABF.

Missionary Gennady Visits ABF

April 12, 2015
Associate Pastor John Erwin welcomed Missionary Gennady Gavrilov, who attended both services with Jim Liljegren.

Jimmy & Erin News

March 2, 2015
Missionaries Jimmy & Erin welcomed Baby Nathan on March 2, 2015. Congratulations!

Missionary Cip Visits ABF

March 1, 2015
Associate Pastor John Erwin welcomed Missionary Cip Sarivan, and Jim Liljegren led in prayer.

Mexico Mission Trips

December 27-30, 2014
YUGO Ministries
Rosarita, Mexico
Associate Pastor John Erwin leads groups each December to Rosarita, including some from ABF. The 3rd annual trip concluded with another group from ABF ministering at Rosarita.

Missionaries Jimmy, Erin, Sienna and Seth Visit ABF

August 17, 2014
Associate Pastor John Erwin interviewed Jimmy and Erin during both Worship Services. Jimmy and Erin also gave a media presentation to both 'Kids BLAST' sessions during those services.

Missions Committee Introduces Missionary Saazi Godfrey

July 27, 2014
ABF Special Video Presentation
Missions Committee introduction: Phil Runsten

Missionaries David and Julee Schoch Visit ABF / Pskov Team Dedication

June 29, 2014
David and Julee Schoch visited ABF and gave updates during both Worship Services. They also presented a slideshow presentation to ABF 'Kids BLAST' children at 9:30 AM.
Also special prayer for the Pskov Russia Team's July 2 - July 13 (2014) Mission Trip
   - David & Julee Schoch
   - Pskov Russia Team Dedication

Croatia Team Dedication

    June 22, 2014
    Croatia Team Dedication at ABF
   Dustin Arrieta and part of the team
                                         Croatia Team / June 25 - July 5

Nathan, Abby and Noah Visit ABF

 Worship Service Interview
 Sunday Morning, April 27, 2014
Nathan's Special Sunday Evening Presentation
Sunday Evening, April 27, 2014
  Noah was born in July 2013. They visited ABF on Easter and April 27, 2014. See two videos, above

Cip Visits ABF from Moldova

   March 2, 2014
   Interview by Associate Pastor John Erwin and comment by Senior Pastor Scott Kegel

Summer Missions Trips 2014

   Promotional Video
   Jim Liljegren and Dustin Arrieta
Croatia Flyer -  June 25 to July 5 
Pskov Flyer -  July 2 to July 13 

Face to Face at ABF

ABF has enjoyed meeting, greeting and hearing reports from some of our visiting ABF-sponsored missionary families in recent months during our ABF Worship Services. Most of them also visit the Children's Building to speak with our ABF 'Kids BLAST' children. Others are also listed on other parts of this webpage.


Very Popular Missions Videos by Dr. Bob Cochran

   Thailand Trip Report (61 min)
   Rwanda Trip Report (1 hr 14 min)

Russia Mission Trip Memories Photo

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