Our ABF EQUIP UNIVERSITY is made up of Interactive workshops that are scheduled periodically to supplement your weekly visits to ABF during the year or sometimes even during AWANA on Tuesday nights. They EQUIP YOU by aligning with the EQUIP aspect of our ABF Mission Statement. Some of these EQUIP-U sessions are recorded for those who cannot attend. Below, in reverse chronological order, is the list of most of the Concluded Topics. Some are linked to Audio/Video.


 EQUIP-U: Marriage Essentials

  Marriage Essentials Equip-U Class -- 2020 Series 
  Tune-up, Repair and Enrich Your Marriage   
  February 16, 2020 at 10:45AM in The Well  

PLAN AHEAD.........

January 19, 2020

February 16, 2020

March 15, 2020

April 19, 2020



If you are married, or plan to be, there is no more important human relationship than the one you have with your spouse, or with the one to whom you are engaged.   

A healthy marriage:
 Honors God. 
 Benefits individuals, children, families, communities and nations. 
 Is ground zero for spiritual and personal growth.
 Requires ongoing attention and effort, like any worthwhile endeavor

In 2020, our monthly Marriage Essentials sessions will provide some valuable tools to help you assess both strengths and areas that could use some growth – or perhaps some major repair work -- in your marriage.  This won’t be just theoretical: We’ll roll up our sleeves and work together on a number of important tasks that will help you build a healthy, thriving marriage.

Our in-house counselor (Teri Reisser, MFT) and family physician (Paul Reisser, MD) will lead these sessions.  (Note – Couples pay good money to learn what will be taught here every month. And the coffee and snacks are free!)

When: Sunday, February 16, 2020, 10:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  (and every third Sunday of the month).

Where: The Well  

Childcare is available for all ages.
NOTE: ABF Kids BLAST activities are different at 9:00 and 10:45. You can come to both the 9:00 a.m. service (if you haven’t been on Thursday night) and to Marriage Essentials at 10:45 a.m. Your kids will be in good hands for the entire morning.

These Marriage Essentials classes started at Agoura Bible Fellowship in February 2018. We explore a wide variety of helpful marriage-building tools. The workshops are normally held the third Sunday of every month. Recent marriage workshops included romance in marriage and "Hurry Sickness". In February 2019, the topic was “The Priority of Your Marriage”. A healthy, fruitful marriage is not only deeply satisfying, but an embassy for God’s kingdom, an outpost of sanity in a disordered world.  This doesn’t occur by accident. Building and maintaining a great marriage requires that it be a priority of mind, heart and shoe leather. Paul and Teri Reisser explored why and how to prioritize your marriage in a world teeming with competitors for your attention. In March 2019, the topic dealt with Communication in Marriage. In April 2019, the topic related to Ephesians 5, the love languages and the powerful interaction of love and respect between husband and wife. In May 2019, the topic asked: Do you have a sense of your spouse's whereabouts on his or her spiritual journey? How do you handle the differences in this area? Do you pray together? In June and July 2019, the topic asked: What exactly is intimacy? What creates it and what erodes it in a marriage? Intimacy in all of its dimensions can forge an incredibly powerful bond for a married couple. In August 2019, the topic explored the many ways that our immediate and extended families can both benefit and disrupt our marriages, along with some practical steps to deal with common issues when they arise. In September 2019, the topic was exploring the importance and practicalities of meaningful apologies and forgiveness in marriage. In October 2019, the topic was on money and how to take the drama out of family finances. In November 2019, the topic was on parenting and marriage. So plan to attend in 2020! The new series began on January 19, 2020!


Marriage Essentials -

Led by Paul Reisser, MD and Teri Reisser, MFT
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 OTHER CONCLUDED EQUIP-U TOPICS         - Bold Titles were recorded     Links or  AUDIO/VIDEO WEBPAGE 

Began March 2018
Usually the Third  Sunday of the month
Dr Paul and Teri Reisser
Marriage Essentials
January-April 2018
9 Sundays
Mark Guerrero
Financial Freedom   Dave Ramsey
February 2018
3 Sundays
Dr Paul and Teri Reisser
Marriage Essentials
May 2017
9 Sundays
Mark Guerrero
Financial Freedom   Dave Ramsey
February 2017
3 Sundays
Bill Barry
Sharing Your Faith Doesn't Have to Be Weird
January 2017
3 Sundays
John Erwin
Alone-Time with God...How to Have a Quiet Time  
More than 2,530 have listened to these ABF recordings
   #1   #2   #3   
October 2016
3 Sundays
John Erwin
Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage   Mark Gungor
July 2016
3 Sundays
Dr Bob Cochran
Law & Politics in God's World
April 2016
9 Sundays
Rob Dees
Financial Freedom   Dave Ramsey
February 2016
5 Sundays
John Erwin
World Religions
January 2016
2 Sundays
Dr Bob Cochran
Religious Freedom
Various Dates
1 Day Each Time
John Maxwell
L2: LEARN-LEAD Leadership Simulcasts at ABF
January 2015
4 Months
Laura Spach
House or Home, Parenting Edition
January 2015
Bill Barry
Training Your Kids How to Manage Money
For parents of kids between 10 and 20 years old. Bill's talk focused on four key principles of financial wisdom. Most kids learn little to nothing about money from their parents. Worse, they end up repeating their parents bad financial habits.
- A Visa survey found that 49% of youth think they are more likely to become millionaires by starring in a reality TV series than by learning how to budget and save wisely.
- A Consumer Reports survey found 28% of students did not know credit cards are a form of borrowing and 40% did not know that banks charge interest on loans.
- Between 1990 and 1999 there was a 51% increase in annual bankruptcy filings among adults 25 years of age and younger.
- 80% of parents believe that schools provide classes on money management and budgeting (they don't).
13 Sundays
Rocky Nungester
The Truth Project
February 2014
28 Days
Program held at ABF
Winning My Race Health & Fitness Program
January 2014
1 Tuesday
Dr Paul and Teri Reisser
Is There Sex After Kids? (PG-13)   BOOK
More than 1,155 have viewed this ABF video                         ABF VIDEO
January 2014
1 Tuesday
Dr Paul and Teri Reisser
Intimacy in Marriage   BOOK
More than 905 have viewed this ABF video                            ABF VIDEO
January 2014
1 Tuesday
Timothy Smith
The Danger of Raising Nice Kids (Theme from his BOOK)
More than 1,420 have viewed this ABF video                         ABF VIDEO
January 2014
1 Tuesday
John Erwin
Family Devotions: Creating a Spiritual Climate in Your Home
More than 1,258 have viewed this ABF video                         ABF VIDEO
John Erwin
Love and Respect in Marriage

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