Life Groups

Small, interactive home Bible studies and fellowship are key to growing spiritually and connecting with others at ABF.

2017-2018 Kickoff: August 27    Leader Lunch/Training: October 22


Life Groups Description and Benefits

Listen to this Life Group testimonial by John & Laura Spach
Watch for additional testimonials soon.

How to Find an ABF Life Group near You

Select the link below for assistance in joining an ABF Life Group.
There are more than a dozen Life Groups to choose from.
Act now by filling out the form or contact Pastor John.

Life Group / Family Discussion Questions       included with weekly

The webmaster posts the MESSAGE NOTES and Life Group / Family Discussion Questions in the DOCUMENTS LIBRARY on Thursdays for Life Groups and families to view / download / print for discussion. They are in the industry-standard PDF format. If you have problems, contact the webmaster.
The MESSAGE NOTES are provided year-round. The QUESTIONS are provided September through June.
There are three ways to access the PDF file from the website:
   1- The DOCUMENTS menu is found under  MEDIA  in the top main menu. Look for the current message series under CATEGORY.
   2- Select located at each message description on the MESSAGES webpage.
   3- The link is also under QUICK LOOK on the main  HOME  page. Updated on Thursdays.

Life Groups Events and Activities       Contact Associate Pastor John Erwin for details

 - Watch for Life Groups Mixers, where new ABF attendees meet at a potluck event or other event to form new Life Groups.
 - Watch for Life Groups Leaders Dinners and Meetings.